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Innovation in tracking and tracing

HYPROS (hyper process screening) was founded in 2016 in order to identify and eliminate disruptions in security-related processes.

The stability of process flows is achieved by innovative linking of IoT with the process objects.

Detecting, tracking and directing process objects with the help of hyper process screenings reflects modern approaches of the 4.0 age in a unique way.

Innovation through the use of:

  • Beacon technology
  • Modern 4.0 approaches
  • Bluetooth Low Energy technology
  • Hyper Process Screening
  • Concepts of Cyber-Physical Systems

Added value through HYPROS TTI

We are currently focusing on use cases in healthcare, food control and industrial production.

The idea behind everything is that HYPROS implements a hyper-process as a protection process thus protecting the procedures of its partners.

With the help of the Bluetooth Low Energy Technology (BLE) and the use of beacons, a process simulation tool developed by HYPROS is made available to process owners with the HYPROS TTI.

Through tracking and tracing in the context of cyber-physical systems, statements such as gain status, location, reaction behavior and number of process objects.

Losses, lengthy inventories and disruptions in the process are avoided with considerable added value for our partners.

Process objects are suitable for people and all material goods.